Chronic diseases


Chronic diseases are long lasting pathologies which evolve over time and need continuous care. Affected patients must learn how to live with these invalidating diseases which have a huge impact on social, professional and daily-life of the patients.
The impact of chronic diseases on the lives of patients is therefore not confined to a mere degradation of health, but also implies reduced autonomy and a poorer quality of life.

Diseases steadily growing

  • Hypertension, asthma, diabetes, cancer… Chronic diseases affect today almost 20 million patients in France and 2.2 million in Switzerland.
  • These figures are constantly increasing owing to lengthening life expectancy, medical and technological progress, as well as sedentary lifestyle.

A challenge in terms of prevention and healthcare

  • Despite being the first cause of mortality in the world, chronic diseases are still poorly diagnosed as well as feebly treated.
  • Patients often find themselves facing long lasting pathologies with scarce education and insufficient support over time, thus leading to a high rate of non-observance of the prescribed treatments. Chronic diseases represent therefore a challenge in terms of prevention and care providing.


20 million patients with chronic diseases

75% deaths and disabilities

12 000 deaths related to non-compliance

9 billion euros of additional costs