1st medical app for patients suffering from multiple or complex chronic diseases

Convinced that patients’ involvement in daily-life is paramount to enhance treatment obedience and efficiency, Colnec Health developed an innovative solution to improve long term care: Colnec

Healthcare teams connected in real time

I co-define a custom-built care plan with my patient

I integrate the whole care team: practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, …

I follow in real time the group of my patients and manage priorities

I coordinate patients’ care plan and evaluate its medical efficiency

I interact with my patients and other healthcare professionals in real time

All data are secured

Patient is involved in his treatment

I co-define my care plan with my doctor

I check my care plan and I get reminders in case of delays

I turn to my journal and update it

I monitor the effectiveness of my treatment

I am connected to my doctor and receive his feedbacks

All data are secured